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The quality of INTERKONTAKT, forwarding and business service

Quality policy

  • We want to be the best in our industry - the name of our company is synonymous with extraordinaryness.
  • The goal of our work is a loyal, satisfied and solvent customer.
  • We fulfill our promises and commitments. Do not promise anything you can not do. We always know exactly what our options are.
  • Our carriers are a business card of our company. We only work with reliable and proven carriers.
  • We create an interesting working environment, I am interested in my qualified and loyal employees.
  • Every employee of the company can grow professionally.
  • The quality assurance system is constantly being developed as an integral part of our business.
  • We protect the environment and the health of our employees. We have developed a corporate security and CO2 policy.

Quality certificates and downloadable documents

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